Accelerator Group – Go faster Together!

With 6 months left to go before the end of the year, let’s make 2019 all it can be!

~ What do you want to achieve, that you keep putting off?

~ What is the health, relationship, financial, career, or personal goal that has been eluding you?

~ Where are you having trouble staying focused around new habits that you’ve put into place?

~ Feel alone, disconnected or unmotivated in your goal achievement process?

Why do I need Accountability?

Accountability is critical to the process of advancing our goals. We tend to think we can manage our own dreams, and for the most part, it’s true. But the human brain can be slippery and can unwittingly deceive us with many forms of excuses and justifications. Proactively managing this tendency toward self-sabotage gives us more access to power, integrity and fulfilling on our goals.

Why the group format?

There is something fulfilling about supporting others in achieving their dreams. As the group forms and develops, we not only accelerate our own work toward our goal, we begin to anticipate and encourage others’ progress toward their goals as well. This group dynamic – the genuine interest and spirit of cooperation that organically evolves – can be the missing accelerant when we journey toward our goals solo.

Facilitated by Associate Certified Life Coach, Erin Banda, the intention of the group is to provide the structure and support for you to clarify, prioritize, and accelerate your goals.


~ Facilitated weekly group sessions held virtually, group members check in and report their progress to the team, share new steps for the upcoming week.
~ Private FaceBook group for sharing and managing progress.
~ Small group setting to more easily achieve your goal and provide support to one other.


~ Group meets weekly on the day/time that gets decided on the Doodle poll.


~Complete a written declaration of your goal and what you believe is holding you back from achieving it.
~ Be open to sharing your goals and slippery patterns with the group.
~ Be open to receiving feedback.
~ Be committed to your dreams and supporting others on the same journey.
~ Commit to the confidentiality of the group and its members.

Join us to build on the group momentum and move your life forward!